Redeemed Tabernacle Church also Known as House of Solution, Church for all  Nations is an indigenous Pentecostal ministry and a religious organization, with a mandate from heaven to redeem God’s people from captivity into the kingdom of God
The Church initially started in Sierra Leone, Freetown, on
15th May 2005. Over the years, the Ministry has gown with many branches in
different locations both at home and abroad with many pastors. Including; USA, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Kenya and still growing. The Church in America commenced in August 2011 at the Killeen Civic Center. Since then the church has been
increasing numerically and structurally. 

Our vision is global.The Lord said to me on 23rd of September 2003 ,”I have chosen you to help them”

Primarily, it is to redeem God’s people without  money. Isaiah  52:3 tells us that the people of God were sold into slavery without money; therefore their redemption should be without money.This means that salvation is free and not for sale.The price has been paid by our Lord Jesus Chris(1Cor6:20).To redeem means to save and restore mankind back to God and this should be for all nations,cultures,tribes,language and race.

Redemption of souls-winning the lost,healing,deliverance and restoration of the afflicted.

Church planting-establish churches locally and nationally.We are opened to work with local churches in the area of evangelism, seminars,workshops and development projects.

Humanitarian/charity-this aspect of our mission led to the establishment of HACAM. As a charity organization we help the less privileged children,youth,homeless and ageing people especially in Africa.We embark on development,educational and vocational projects beneficial to the less privileged and establishing orphanages.

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